Our office has been training our patients on Balance for the past 27 years.  The question often asked is “Why is this so important”?  The answer is simple…  Quality and quantity of life depend upon an individual’s ability to avoid falls!  The single most common reason for admission to an assisted living home in the US is Injuries Sustained in a Fall!  40% of those who have a fall will never leave assisted living!

Recently, the Medical Media has reacted to a much-publicized research study that has been published in Brazil.  “SUCCESSFUL 10-SECOND ONE-LEGGED STANCE PERFORMANCE PREDICTS SURVIVAL IN MIDDLE-AGED AND OLDER INDIVIDUALS”.  Although this study has been conducted numerous times over the past 30 years, it always comes as such a major revelation to traditional Medicine.

Our very own government paid for and commissioned a study by the WHO in 2008 to determine if Vitamin D deficiency had an impact on the risk of falls.  The findings of the USPSTF demonstrated that 1000 i.u. of Vitamin D would reduce the fall risks of the elderly by >42%.   That is a dramatic decrease in Falls.  The US government never implemented the recommendations of the USPSTF and the WHO.  The question would be why wasn’t it implemented?  The answer is beyond simple.  It would save far too much money on post-traumatic interventions (ER expenses and surgical). interventions

Ask us about Balance and the Core Stabilization Protocol (CCSP) that we have been training our patients on for the past 27 years.  We can help add years to your life and life to your years!

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