I have been in practice for the past 30 years and one of the most common phrases I hear is:  “I would see a Chiropractor, but my spine is fine.”  When I hear this phrase, I recognize the fact that Allopathic Medicine in the US has conditioned us, the US population, to base our health upon how we FEEL and not how we FUNCTION.

We are a symptom and signs-based society and we have been led to believe that we are completely healthy if we have the absence of the aforementioned.  Unfortunately, such is not the case.  When the central nervous system is compromised by the very structure that was designed to protect it, the spinal column, we function at a diminished capacity.  This makes us more susceptible to dis-ease, which when left alone can turn into disease and conditions and therefore signs and symptoms.

There is no such thing as preventive medicine!  Does a prostate exam prevent prostate cancer?  NO.  Does a breast exam or mammography prevent breast cancer?  NO.  These are both early detection mechanisms and do nothing to prevent the diseases for which they are carried out.

So, can getting adjusted prevent conditions and dis-ease?  YES.   The body has an incredible ability to heal.  It just needs no interference.  That’s what Chiropractors do…… we remove interference from the nervous system to allow the body to FUNCTION TO ITS MAXIMUM CAPACITY!!!

I have been fortunate enough to work with athletes in the NHL, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, IRL, and the US Olympic Decathalon Team.  Almost across the board, the vast majority of the athletes were using Chiropractic care to enhance their athletic performance and not to treat their symptoms.  Athletes are all about FUNCTION!  Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, Evander Holyfield, Tom Brady….. all of these greats have enjoyed the benefits of Chiropractic Care and changing the way they Function.  How about you?  Does your spine feel fine????

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