Using massage therapy to promote physical wellness is not a new idea. But advances in our understanding of the human body have made it possible for it to be applied on a broader basis than ever before. The concept of using massage therapy for healing has not only been closely associated with conventional Western medicine but its root go back to hundreds years back with natural therapy procedures.

Our Chiropractic massage therapy in Pittsburgh, PA, focuses on the spine and the central nervous system. For people seeking healing throughout the body, chiropractic massage has a wide range of applications. As more people become aware of the importance of massage, this growing trend is beginning to intensify.

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What is a chiropractic massage?

A chiropractic massage incorporates massage therapy and holistic chiropractic techniques to maintain the spinal column and the nervous system. Vertebral subluxations, or misaligned joints in the spine, can be treated by our chiropractor. During adjustments, joints are realigned correctly, and any tension or soreness is relieved.

What our chiropractic massage helps with?

In order to optimize full-body health, chiropractic massage and adjustments can be combined. Our massage therapy clinic in Pittsburgh, PA focuses on the health of the tissues and muscles, while an adjustment targets the bones and joints. Many chiropractors suggest combining both approaches in their treatment plans.

Imagine the well-known advantages of massage coupled with specific attention to the spine easing existing pain and stopping new pain from occurring in the body. At CENK Integrated Health, customers are getting healthy by enjoying the treatment their bodies need to heal naturally.

Getting a chiropractic massage service, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pain management and pain prevention
  • Muscle care and how it relates to spinal health
  • Spinal alignment is restored
  • Central nervous system restoration
  • Rest, relaxation, and an overall feeling of well-being
  • Enhanced efficacy when combined with other therapies
  • Frequent protection by insurance

Deep tissue massage

Are you seeking for a massage that uses firmer pressure and longer strokes? If so, a deep tissue massage from us might be ideal for you. It helps relieve musculoskeletal problems such as muscle strains and sports injuries

This method we use, involves applying sustained pressure with slow, deep strokes in order to reach the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissues. It helps reduce muscle and tissue tension and loosen up scar tissue after an injury. This may promote faster healing by boosting blood flow and lowering inflammation.

Sports massage therapy

The therapists we have for sports massages are experts in a wide range of massage techniques, and we employ these abilities in a similar way to how a builder would employ various tools to suit the various demands of the project. This type of therapeutic massage focuses on the effects of various activities on numerous joints, muscle groups, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissues, especially those affected by physical activity.

The Sports massage we offer is manual muscular manipulation primarily suited to those who lead physically active lives or engage in physically demanding hobbies. An initial assessment is carried out by our assistants to create a customized massage treatment plan that will address the specific needs of each athlete. This deliberate attention maximizes the therapeutic effects of specific massage techniques and stimulates further physical activity.

Thai massage

Thai massage has been practiced for more than 2,500 years and has its roots in India. The Thai massage technique, which was thought of as a therapeutic approach, is influenced by traditional Chinese medical theories. It differs from traditional Western massage in that the therapist does not lie you down on a massage table while rubbing oil on your body and working on the muscles and pressure points

Thailand massage, or assisted yoga, enhances the flow of energy throughout your body by using stretches, pulls, and rocking motions while you lie comfortably on a mat. Thai massage can sometimes be described as assisted yoga because it revolves around helping you relax.

Swedish massage

We heartily recommend our Swedish massage if you or a loved one are looking to have a fantastic massage in Pittsburgh. Sweden’s traditional massage methods are applied to the manipulation of soft tissues for the purpose of holistic healing and relaxation. The method we follow is by applying pressure along the meridians of the body. Sweden’s traditional massage produces several Western massage techniques, including acupressure massage, aromatherapy massage, and reflexology.

The four primary movements are employed in Swedish massage, which are the foundations of almost all massage therapies, and taught to all new massage therapists. Among these four movements are those that are used to calm and enhance the muscular condition, enhance circulation, and aid in relaxation.

Hot stone massage therapy

Come to our clinic to receive a Hot Stone Massage if you’ve never felt its calming effects! Hot stone massage therapy releases tension from the body’s muscles and eases pain. Because the hot stones we use, penetrates the body deeply, the therapeutic effects are much more easily achieved.

Hot stone massage has only gained popularity in the last five to 10 years, and lately, it is taking over spas and therapeutic facilities. However, it has always been one of the most famous massages in our clinics. Since it’s still somewhat of a new form of massage therapy, a lot of people might be leery of what’s involved in this kind of massage. So why not come, see and experience it yourself at CENK?

Prenatal massage

We’ve got you covered, expectant mommies! You deserve it, so reward yourself with one of our soothing prenatal massages. In the same way that regular massage soothes sore spots and eases tense muscles, prenatal massage also enhances circulation, increases mobility, and generally makes people feel better.

During pregnancy, you may experience lower back pain combined with the additional weight you are carrying. As a result, you may get constant back, neck, abdominal, and shoulder pains. Remember that prenatal massage is about pregnant women’s specific needs, so there are specific workers in our team who have received training in prenatal massage and modify their techniques accordingly just for you. Your relaxation is the top-most priority at CENK.

Why us?

As a team, the workers at CENK Integrated Health are committed to helping you and your family achieve the maximum potential of your bodies, so you can live healthy and fulfilling lives as you want.

Although our chiropractors use techniques to correct these typical brain-to-body interference, our first objective is to teach you about health and healing, so you will be able to take control of your family’s health without medications. If you have colic, sciatica, or want to improve your general health and well-being, that’s where you can rely on us as your personal healer!