Chiropractic vs Allopathic Medicine: A Discourse on HealthcareIt isn’t uncommon for patients to ask, “Why didn’t you choose to pursue allopathic medicine? You would have made such a wonderful Doctor”. As a Chiropractor, I usually withhold my answer to avoid offending them. But it’s time to put things into perspective. The commonly held belief that allopathic medicine is a higher calling or of greater significance is grossly misplaced and reflects a societal misconception about how much allopathic medicine has contributed to humanity’s welfare.

Public Health vs Modern Allopathic Medicine

There’s no denying that public health measures have positively changed the life expectancy of the average US citizen. However, we cannot say the same about modern allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine in the US has not only lowered the quality of life for the average citizen but also the quantity. Despite leading the world in healthcare spending, reaching 4.6 Trillion in 2022, the US trails behind when it comes to life expectancy, experiencing a 2.5-year drop since 2021. It’s shocking to observe that Eastern Europe, China, and Latin America achieve better aggregate health outcomes despite their comparatively minute health budgets.

The Misconception About US Healthcare

We are often told that “we have the best healthcare in the world,” which couldn’t be more misleading. Several Third World countries outperform us in terms of life expectancy, mortality, morbidity, and infant mortality. According to the World Health Organization, the third leading cause of death in the US is “iatrogenesis,” meaning deaths caused by physicians or hospitals. Ironically, our own CDC and NIH do not keep the statistics of iatrogenesis. It’s starkly evident that healthcare in the US is more concerned with incomes than improving patient outcomes.

The Role of a Chiropractor

As a Chiropractor, my goal goes beyond treating symptoms. I strive to identify the cause of these symptoms and correct it, thereby helping patients improve their quality of life for a longer duration. This involves maximizing their healing potential by removing interference from their central nervous system, allowing all other bodily systems to function to their highest potential capacity.

It’s important to acknowledge that we need medical doctors. However, it’s also crucial to realize that 80% of what they currently do is diminishing the capacity of the average healthcare consumer to live a fully functioning life. For a more in-depth understanding of this issue, I recommend reading the article titled “Is There A Cure for the Western Public Health Catastrophe?” on

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