The term “chiropractic care” is often thought of as a treatment exclusively for back and neck pain. However, at Cenk Integrated Health in Pittsburgh, our chiropractors can reduce or eliminate pain in a variety of areas throughout the body. Knee pain is a common complaint that many people suffer from and it is one that chiropractic care can manage.

What Causes Knee Pain?

A variety of factors can result in knee pain. It could be due to an injury affecting the cartilage or a ligament, or it can be caused by a medical condition, like gout, arthritis, or an infection. Knee pain can range from minor discomfort to excruciating pain when performing simple tasks, like bending over to pick up something or getting out of bed.

When to See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain

It is often assumed that only painkillers or invasive knee surgery can alleviate knee pain. However, a visit to your local chiropractor can be just as effective, without the adverse health issues. A chiropractor can reduce or eliminate your knee pain using a variety of chiropractic techniques and a treatment plan that is customized to meet your health goals. These are some warning signs that may indicate a need for chiropractic care.

  • Taking painkillers and resting but not seeing an improvement.
  • Knee pain is limiting your daily activities or participation in sports.
  • You’ve been told the pain is arthritis and nothing can be done to help.

A Chiropractor Can Help

We can use several techniques to reduce your knee pain, increase range of motion, and more. First, one of our chiropractors will examine the knee and assess any underlying problems that may be causing your pain. A treatment plan will then be developed based on the chiropractor’s biomechanical and physical examination. Next, our chiropractor will take the proper steps to reduce joint inflammation, reduce joint pain, normalize joint function, or promote rehabilitation. Treatment for your knee pain may include any of the following:

  • Using ice to reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, and overall joint pain.
  • Using specific chiropractic mobilization and manipulation techniques for areas of the knee and joints where movement is restricted. These techniques are used to reduce pain, improve knee function, and increase range of motion.
  • Provide a deep tissue massage, cross-friction therapy, or trigger-point therapy to relieve pain and normalize joint function.
  • Introduce knee exercises to improve stability, strength, and endurance. These rehabilitation exercises can help you return to your normal daily routine and help prevent future injuries.

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