Pain that is located in the lower part of your back is a major deal. It can often be the reason why you shy away from being involved in many activities. There are several reasons why you may experience pain in your back in general. If you live in Pittsburgh or the surrounding communities, visit our chiropractor at Cenk Integrated Health to address your lower back pain.

Looking at the Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are a lot of things that can cause lower back pain. Knowing what causes your pain will help you determine how to have it treated by a chiropractor. Poor posture can and often does lead to improper muscle usage. This means that your muscles are operating in a way that they are not used to moving. Lower back pain is often the result. Some other common causes include the following:

  • Overusing your muscles can cause problems. This happens through repetitive motion. Lifting a lot of things in a short period or weightlifting may cause lower back pain.
  • Injuries are a major cause of pain in the lower back area. These can happen in a car accident, falling, and many other ways. The pain will persist if the muscle heals wrong or is never treated correctly.
  • Spinal injuries can also be a source of back pain, especially if you have a herniated disc in your spinal column. It affects the nerves and all of the muscles that are attached to the area.
  • Out of place joints and bones. Sometimes you can have sections of your body that are out of alignment. This causes other parts of your body to over adjust to compensate for the alignment issue. A chiropractor can help by putting everything back the way it should be.
  • Infections can also be a cause of lower back pain.

Back Pain Relief in Pittsburgh

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing lower back pain. We offer real pain relief not just temporary relief from pain killers that are only masking the pain. Call Cenk Integrated Health today and let us help you find your normal once again so you can live pain-free. If you live in or around the Pittsburgh area, call our Fox Chapel location at (412) 967-9767 to schedule an appointment.

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