We have all experienced the feeling of a foot falling asleep. This normally happens when we sit cross-legged and end up pinching a nerve for a time or cutting off circulation. As feeling returns to the area that has been cut off, nerves send out messages that create the pins and needles feeling. For some people, this “pins and needles” sensation comes and goes without obvious reason, affecting different parts of the body. This is called neuropathy. It is sometimes related to chronic pain and is a common reason patients visit Cenk Integrated Health in Fox Chapel, PA. Let’s explore neuropathy a bit further.

What Causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is caused by damage to nerves outside the spinal column. This damage can be due to a traumatic injury or a pinched nerve. Some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, can also damage nerves and cause neuropathy. When this happens, the nerves send false messages to the brain. Depending on where the damage has occurred, the symptoms can vary. People can experience damage to only one nerve or several.

What Are the Symptoms of Neuropathy?

Neuropathy can manifest itself in several ways, depending on which nerves have been damaged or pinched. Most often, you will feel a burning sensation, tingling, the feeling of something crawling on you, or numbness. These sensations are typically felt in the feet, although they can occur anywhere in the body. Many people experience a combination of these symptoms. The sensation may come and go, but, left untreated, it will come back more frequently and be more intense.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Treatment will vary depending on the cause of neuropathy. Our chiropractor will assess your musculoskeletal system to determine the root cause of your neuropathy. Once the irritated nerves have been located, we will create a chiropractic care plan to address them. Spinal decompression will relieve nerve pressure, while chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises will relieve chronic pain, improve your range of motion, and minimize the chances of neuropathy pain returning in the future.

Chiropractor in Fox Chapel, PA

At Cenk Integrated Health, we have years of experience relieving neuropathy pain through chiropractic adjustments. If you are suffering from neuropathy in Fox Chapel, PA, we are ready to assist you. For more information on neuropathy or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, call us at (412) 967-9767.