Shoulder Pain Treatment in Pittsburgh

Regardless of the severity of your shoulder pain, it is always recommended that you seek specialized medical attention from a registered chiropractor. That serves as the first step to managing your shoulder pain.

One thing to note about all body pains is that the more you delay medical attention, the more your tissues will be affected, and the more complicated it becomes to arrest the condition. There’s no reason to delay treatment while Dr. Donald Cenk is here in Pittsburgh’s own Cenk Integrated Health.  

Some of the signs of a shoulder condition you may experience include:

  • Difficulty when you try lifting your arm
  • When you feel some swelling within your glenohumeral joint (between arm and shoulder).
  • Experiencing pain any time you lift an item
  • Swelling, soreness, and fever
  • Aching shoulders when lying in bed

How does chiropractic deal with shoulder pain?

If you begin experiencing the signs we have just pointed out, don’t dwell too much on home-based self-treatment. Instead, find a qualified chiropractor for an accurate diagnosis of your pain and offer you the appropriate medication. Basically, there are four best-known remedies that you may receive during chiropractic care. They include: 

Chiropractic Adjustments

Spinal and extremity adjustments both work wonders in treating shoulder pain. Many shoulder pains can be traced back to misalignments in the spine. For those that can’t be, direct adjustments to the affected area facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


As you may know, shoulders are made of tissues, tendons, muscles, and bones, which can easily sustain some injuries due to the heavy work we do. Stretching out during chiropractic treatment helps to minimize the stiffness.

Use heat and ice alternately

Warm water helps to relax the muscles, thus increasing the rate of blood flow. In contrast, ice or cold water causes blood vessels to contract, hence decreasing blood flow. This practice is usually effective in exercise-induced shoulder pain

Engaging in some exercises

Even though exercises are always great for general body health, don’t try to exercise a sore area until your chiropractor has cleared you to do so. Sometimes it can even make the situation worse!

Our chiropractors will relieve you shoulder pain

Over the years we have been offering chiropractic care in Pittsburgh, we can confidently say that your recovery is guaranteed. Our team, led by Dr. Donald Cenk has all it takes to drive away those shoulder pains. Call (412) 967-9767 today at Cenk Integrated Health!

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