Here are a few important questions to ask yourself and others in your circle. Which country leads the world in total Covid-19 cases? Who then leads the world in Covid-19 deaths? And the answer is…The United States of America. Now hold on just a cotton pickin’ minute, the US can’t possibly lead the world in both, what with all of the masking, “vaccinations” and lockdowns, that just can’t be true.

Let me break it down for you, because it doesn’t appear that the mainstream media has any interest in allowing its viewer to be truly informed with actual data. As of 5/25/2022, here are the numbers,

Total Cases Deaths Survival Rate Active Cases Population
United States
85,241,016 1,029,524 99.988% 2,446,581 334,670,557
Brazil 30,836,815 665,955 99.978% 285,280 215,414,723
India 43,142,192 524,507 99.988% 14,971 1,405,643,436

The next 3 countries happen to be leaders in the European Union

Total Cases Deaths Survival Rate Active Cases Population
France 29,413,371 148,056 99.995% 563,405 65,546,437
Germany 26,196,089 138,991 99.995% 1,124,998 84,290,181
United Kingdom 22,271,122 178,221 99.992% 229,239 68,559,889

Earth 529,270,366 6,304,527 99.988% 23,112,187 7,948,118,521

Now you may be thinking, “so what?, It’s been 2 years and those numbers perfectly illustrate the flattening of the curve.” Fair enough. Here are the stats from November 4, 2020, 8 months into the “pandemic.”

Total Cases Total Deaths Survival Rate
United States
9,582,900 237,261 99.975%
India 8,310,573 123,579 99.971%
Brazil 5,554,647 160,282 99.974%
France 1,466,433 37,435 99.975%
United Kingdom 1,053,864 46,853 99.956%

This means that the average global survival rate went from 99.970% to 99.988%. So all of the masking, social isolation, a global recession, and the mass injecting of substances and the long-term side effects are completely unknown, was all done for 0.018%? Seems like a tremendous amount of sacrifice for so little reward.

Bonus information to remember when looking at America’s Covid numbers, 

1) a person who is on hospice with stage 4 pancreatic cancer who tests positive for Covid is counted as a Covid death.

2) a person who dies in a car accident but tested positive for covid in the last 30 days, counts as a covid death.

3) f you received 2 doses of the vaccine, but not the booster.  If you die, you are classified as being unvaccinated.

4) the only time an adverse reaction to the vaccine is recorded is 6 weeks after the booster.

With that being said, was the juice worth the squeeze? Think about it.

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