Decompression Therapy Testimonials

“The scoliosis in my low back was the explanation the Surgeon gave for the numbness and tingling in both of my legs. My lower back had always hurt ever since I was a teen and I even had a fusion somewhere in my low back when I was in my twenties. I remember that I felt better for about 9 months, but then the pain increased to worse than it was before the surgery. I could not go through that again at 66 years old. A friend saw an advertisement in the paper and gave me the number to call. The rest is history! It felt like I got better and better after each decompression and laser treatment. Dr. Cenk kept warning me that I might still feel some mild pain, but it never happened. I did not remember what it felt like to get out of bed in the morning without excruciating pain – trust me, it feels great!”
~ C.L. (Cranberry Twp)
After the first set of injections into my neck I felt a decent amount of relief, but that wore off in about 5-6 weeks. The second set of injections seemed like they actually made things worse and that’s when the headaches started. Because I work with heavy machinery, I can’t take most of the medications the pain management Doctors prescribed, but I also couldn’t function with such intense pain along with nausea. When I first started with Dr. Cenk, the decompression helped a lot, although I believe the majority of my relief came from the Class lV Laser. After a couple treatments my headaches went away, and after a few more the shooting pain stopped radiating down my arms. I’m not crazy about doing exercises, but when it only takes 10 minutes twice a week as a follow-up to my care plan, who am I to argue with success. I’m so glad I picked the paper up when I stopped for coffee before work. The ad I saw gave me hope and the treatment I received gave me relief.”
~ T.K. (Kittaning)

Laser Therapy Testimonials

“After my first carpal tunnel surgery the pain went away for almost a year but eventually came back. I couldn’t afford another six weeks off of week for a second surgery and I wasn’t sure it would work anyway. Six treatments with the Diowave Class IV Laser and I am pain free without missing a day of work. Unbelievable!”
~ T.W.
“The surgeon I saw said that my knee wasn’t bad enough for surgery, but the pain was debilitating. The first steroid injection helped for a month, but the second and third had no impact at all. I was searching for anything that would help when Dr. Cenk told me about the Diowave Class IV Laser. He gave me a demonstration treatment and I felt an immediate change in my arthritic knee. Only nine days later and I can ride the stationary bike that my surgeon and Dr. Cenk agree will be good for my knee. What a relief!”
~ L.S.
“Both of the laser neck surgeries I had were considered “successful” by the doctors, but I still had constant pain. I thought my options had run out until I tried Dr. Cenk’s Laser. I can honestly say I was surprised when after the first treatment I felt some relief. I could not have imagined an easier, safer, more comfortable treatment that really works.”
~ E.F.

Neuropathy Therapy Testimonials

“Yesterday, about 6:30pm, I went to the Giant Eagle Market District on Center Avenue, Shadyside. Prior to going I checked our refrigerator and cupboards and made a short list as I’ve become accustomed to do. I arrived at the store, went up the elevator, got a large size cart and without hesitation began to take a full route through the whole store. I came to realize I was looking at everything in leisure, not like it’s an emergency looking only for the items on my list. I began to recognize that I was not feeling any pain. Especially my right leg and hip were pain free. I was walking like it was the thing to do, and I wasn’t in desperation, looking for a place to sit. I want you to know that at that point I thought of all of you and thanked God for you and the experience of mine at your place, I enjoyed the shopping experience, and surprised my daughter with all the items I purchased. Best of all, I really felt good from beginning to end of my shopping experience. I’m not kidding myself. I’m still 86 years old. I have my problems. But I am pain free when walking and I truly appreciate that freedom and joy. And family and friends will notice and share that joy. With thanks and best wishes.”
~ Chris

Weight Loss Testimonials

“I wanted to lose weight because I wanted to have better health and reduce inflammation in my joints. The one-on-one sessions made a big difference for me. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cenk’s for over 12 years and I know his research is tops and thorough. In a little over a month I’ve lost 32 pounds!!”
~ L.M.
“I wanted to lose weight for health reasons, I need to live to 93 to be married 50 years! I want to lose a total of 40 pounds. I lost 7 pounds in just 2 weeks, even with a cheat day! It’s very easy!!”
~ H.S.