A statement I hear on almost a daily basis is “my doctor said my knee pain is coming from arthritis”.  In essence, doctors use this cop-out because they either don’t know what causes knee pain or they feel they are too busy to explain it to their patients.  Did your doctor ever tell you that you have a headache because you have a headache?  Knee pain is an EFFECT.  Arthritis is an EFFECT.  Did you ever hear of an EFFECT causing an EFFECT?  Doesn’t regularly happen.  This is why we have the statement “CAUSE and EFFECT”.  Even Rheumatoid arthritis, blood-borne arthritis comes from an inflammatory cause, with pain being the effect.  Arthritis means ‘inflammation of a joint’.

So, what CAUSES knee pain?  Simple… instability of the knee due to accumulated misuse, disuse, overuse, or abuse.  This instability leads to the body creating a protective guarding mechanism called ARTHRITIS.  Yes, arthritis is a protective guarding mechanism using swelling, edema, pain, muscle guarding, and the calcification of soft tissue to stabilize a malfunctioning, unstable joint.  If you bump your knee off of a counter, you have acute arthritis.  If this inflammation is not properly addressed, it can lead to chronic arthritis.

We address KNEE ARTHRITIS by reducing the amount of inflammation in the joint while strengthening the surrounding musculature that stabilizes the knee.  We FIX THE CAUSE.  We don’t treat the effect.  Once the inflammation is properly addressed and the strength of the stabilization muscles is improved, the body no longer needs swelling, edema, pain, and muscle guarding to stabilize the joint.  Making sure you FUNCTION BETTER is the primary objective of our KNEE REJUVENATION PROTOCOL.

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