Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave for the last three years, you are well aware of the persistent program of “scientific” propaganda that has been forced upon the global population.


Unelected government representatives have taken it upon themselves to be the “grand arbiters” of all things science and have even had the unabashed audacity to claim that they are “SCIENCE”.


Fortunately for us, there have been REAL scientists who have stood at the front of the proverbial firing lines and taken on the mantle of protecting society from the purveyors of propaganda. These are men and women like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Martin Kulldorf, Dr.

Sunetra Gupta, and Dr. Adam Kheiraty. Just to mention a few. Dr. Joseph Lapado, Florida’s African-American Surgeon General, has demonstrated incredible bravery and integrity by stepping forward stating that the new COVID-19 boosters have had no clinical trials prior to putting them out in the market, yet they are being promoted. These individuals understand that “Science” requires constant scrutiny to ensure Best Practices are being upheld.


Many people have stated that “never before” has such a scam of the global population been perpetrated on such an incredible scale. I, on the other hand, will beg to differ.


I have watched Modern Allopathic Medicine make a mockery of science time and time again! Allow me to point out a couple of simple examples.


Low-Dose Aspirin: The science has been so definitive that daily low-dose aspirin fails in primary prevention for so long, that Medicine is doing everything they can do to hide the fact, including publishing fabricated abstracts in “prestigious” Medical Journals. The ASPREE, ASPIRE and ARRIVE Trials have all demonstrated that not only doesn’t aspirin reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, they also demonstrated that it increases the risk of dangerous intracranial bleeds (hemorrhagic strokes) and gastrointestinal bleeds. A sampling of four articles from Medscape all have a common theme: ASPREE: No Benefit of Aspirin in Primary Prevention (2018), Daily Aspirin Fails to Lower CV Risk in Long-term, Primary Prevention ARRIVE Trial (2018), Low- Dose Aspirin Fails in Primary Prevention (2014) and Aspirin for Primary Prevention: New Meta-Analysis (2019).


As I have noted to my patients on a regular basis, the use of daily aspirin to prevent cardiovascular events has never been scientifically proven and, as the aforementioned demonstrates, it has actually been refuted on numerous occasions by valid scientifically accurate clinical trials, indicating not only the lack of efficacy, but also the dangers of Low-Dose aspirin.


Statins: (cholesterol-lowering drugs) This class of medications has been used for decades as a mechanism to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. The problem is that the actual ad for statin drugs states unequivocally that “                                                     has not been determined to prevent heart disease, heart attacks or strokes.” Yet, I see patients on a regular basis whose MDs tell them that if they don’t take these drugs, they will die of a heart attack. By the way, the US is the only member nation of the WHO that has cardiovascular disease as its #1 killer. All the rest of the countries have Cancer as their #1 killer but at a much lower rate than ours.

Thus, the reason that we are dead last in longevity and spend more money on health care than the rest of the world put together.


Moral of the story? Beware of those who have a vested financial interest in the most grand of all deceptions! The US spends more than the rest of the world combined on health care at 4.6 Trillion dollars as of 2022. The rest of the world spent 3.8 Trillion dollars in 2022. We are 4.5% of the world’s population where the rest is 95.5%. Therefore, we spend an average of $13,855 on healthcare per year in the US for each one of the 332 million citizens.


Are we getting any “bang for our buck”? Some individuals and companies who want us to believe that they are the grand arbiters of all things SCIENCE are making some BIG BUCKS!!!


Healthcare consumer BEWARE! The facts don’t back up the fiction!

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