Profits!!!  The simple answer.  If anyone can come up with a better reason, I am all eyes and ears.  There are no less than 62 Prescription medications used to “treat” Type ll Diabetes!!!!  It is all about the Benjamins…….

There are over 1400 DaVita Dialysis Clinics in the US and that is only one chain!  Do I think they are a necessary evil?  No doubt (no insurance company denies paying for Dialysis).  Unfortunately, those who suffer from the condition that is Type ll Diabetes should not end up in dialysis.  They should not be Type ll diabetics in the first place.

The primary problem is that Medicine knows absolutely nothing about nutrition and dietary function.  Or, on the contrary, they know everything about nutrition and dietary function and they are just practicing depraved indifference.  Your choice.

Type ll Diabetes is not a disease process!!!!  It is a lifestyle decision that the majority of US Citizens fail to comprehend. Medicine understands it all too well and also understands that it is much more profitable to “manage” Type ll Diabetes than it is to prevent or cure Type ll Diabetes!

Our office has time and time again assisted individuals who were either on medication for Type ll Diabetes or were pre-diabetic and we have lowered their blood glucose levels and their HbA1c to levels that no longer required medication to avoid damaging their kidneys.  We just had a patient whose level was 11.7 that was prescribed Metformin by his MD (he refused to take it), he followed our program and lowered his level to 5.3 in 3 months with only supplementation and dietary modification on our Metabolic Weight Loss Program.  This is commonplace for us.

Please don’t make the mistake of taking Meds for Type ll Diabetes.

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