We live in a society where at any given point in time, estimates indicate that anywhere from 35% to 50% of the US adult population is attempting to lose body weight.  The global weight loss industry in 2021 was a 30-billion-dollar industry.  The list of chronic illnesses associated with excess weight (obesity) is numerous and growing.  Type ll diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and metabolic syndrome are just a few.

If such a high percentage of people are actively attempting to lose weight, why isn’t it working?  The reasons for failure are numerous, but simple to overcome.  First is traditional US Western Medicine and US Public Health.  The treatment of signs and symptoms, which is the hallmark of US Healthcare, never brings about the correction or resolution of any disease process or condition.  The fact that Big Pharma happens to own most of Big Agriculture pre-ordains the phenomena where our dietary habits in the US are controlled by the processed food industry which funnels patients directly into doctors for deficiency and lifestyle diseases (Type ll diabetes, Irritable bowel, diverticulitis, leaky gut syndrome, thyroiditis, etc.).  It is much more lucrative to “manage” Type ll diabetes than it is to cure it.  Medicine understands this implicitly and reaps incredible profits for Big Pharma by perpetuating the High Carb/Low fat, traditional western diet. This is a very deeply ingrained, unfortunately, intentional cause of obesity for which I have barely scratched the surface.

The second reason is lifestyle modification.  The vast majority of “diets” are not sustainable.  Why, because most individuals seeking the proverbial weight loss “fountain of youth” are unable to keep eating in a fashion that is so far removed from the traditional western diet.  In addition, most “fad” diets are devoid of the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle and satiate hunger.

The third reason is psychological support.  Most weight loss participants “go it alone”.  Without the support of others to assist them in their efforts, they have a difficult time staying the course emotionally and mentally.  The defeatist attitude and preconceived notions held by most dieters greatly reduce the likelihood of a “return on investment”.

With all of this being said, THERE IS AN ANSWER TO WEIGHT LOSS!!!!  Our Metabolic Weight Loss Program involves naturally stimulating metabolic activity with supplements that work on balancing leptin, detoxifying the liver and adipose tissue, and supplying the minerals that are responsible for catalyzing all of the chemical reactions in our bodies.  Our program was not simply designed for weight loss, it was designed for improving your quality of life for a longer quantity of life.  It is simplistic, effective, and sustainable.  Once you learn how to amplify your Base Metabolic Rate, there is no looking back or searching for other weight loss mechanisms.  Remaining healthy through our program becomes a new lifestyle.

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