On December 11th, 2020, a study about the risks of Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 was published in The San Raffaele Vita-Salute University, Milan, Italy.  The study indicated what was already anecdotally known about the effects of Vitamin D deficiency and the risk of viral pathogenesis from Covid-19 and pneumonia.  Unfortunately, within the confines of “mainstream medicine”, the results of the study have been completely ignored.

Some ask the question “WHY”.  The answer is easy.  $$$$$.  It is much more lucrative to chase the horse around the pasture than it is to close the barn door!  Medicine, including science, (mind you – the two are not the same and actually far removed from one another) have determined that it is much better to design a “quasi-scientific mRNA vaccine” to lower the risk of pathogenesis than it is to improve the health and well-being of society in general.

We have heard the false narrative that Covid-19 is “racist”.  Mainstream media has delighted in the perpetuation of this divisive narrative in an effort to keep an elevated level of stress in race relations.  The TRUTH!!!  Dark-skinned individuals synthesize less Vitamin D than fair-skinned individuals when exposed to the sun’s rays.  Therefore, darker-skinned individuals are more likely to suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies than their fairer-skinned counterparts.  This sounds like racism.  After all, Covid-19 does attack people based on their socioeconomic status?  NO, that’s just what the media is using as propaganda to keep us all in line.

The fact of the matter is this… Vitamin D sufficiency could and would dramatically shift the morbidity/mortality rate of Covid-19 (along with heart disease, cancer, and a litany of other diseases and conditions). Still, the amount of financial windfall gained by the Politico-Medical-scientific community would be significantly diminished and therefore Modern Allopathic Medicine would see its financial interests wane.


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