Are you looking for a feasible alternative to having your knee “scoped” or having total knee replacement? Are you concerned about the effectiveness and possible side effects of steroid injections or stem cells?

Our protocol is a scientifically developed, non-surgical, non-invasive, painless treatment program that brings a halt to the progressively degenerative condition that threatens to ruin your quality of life. Pain reduction and restoration of function is the emphasis of our protocol. Why not correct the cause of the problem instead of merely alleviating the symptoms.

Don’t waste another day waiting to regain the vitality and mobility that allows you to LIVE and not just EXIST.


Why knee rejuvenation?

We treat the cause, not the effect. We offer a safe, effective, non-invasive, non-surgical, painless, long-term solution to knee problems.

What is the cause?

Instability of the knee! Arthritis is your body’s attempt to stabilize what it perceives as an unstable joint due to misuse, disuse, abuse, or over-use.

Why not orthoscopic surgery or replacement?

Neither of these address the cause and only garner temporary relief due to damage of sensory nerve endings. No brain, no pain. Science does not back up the use of either!

Why not Synvisc, Orthovisc, Cortisone, or Rooster Comb?

Each of these achieve only temporary relief and do nothing to slow, stop, or reverse the effects of arthritic change. Cortisone actually accelerates aging and degeneration.

What about PRP and Prolotherapy?

These accelerate the degenerative changes of the knee to afford stability through scar tissue. We want to slow this process down and heal the knee.

What about Stem Cell injections?

Unfortunately, the science to-date demonstrates that there is no evidence to suggest this slows down, stops, or reverses the knee aging process.

Why is what we do different?

We address the inflammation, accelerate healing, strengthen surrounding muscles and increase stability through proper core stabilization. Ours is a Functional Protocol, not a symptom relief protocol.