What makes PiezoWave Pain Treatment unique is that it’s one of the very few modern technologies in the medical field that works well when an injury reaches a chronic, non-healing state. It helps restore strength and mobility to injured ligaments and muscles.

We’re the only facility in the entire area that offers this revolutionary technology, and we’re dedicated to helping all patients get back to their healthy and happy lifestyle.

* Locates and alleviates musculoskeletal pain
* Non-invasive
* Reduces pain medications
* Outpatient treatment
* Short therapy tie 7 -12 minutes
* Only 3 – 6 treatments needed in most cases

The Piezowave machine delivers thousands of high energy sound wave impulse to the affected tissue. These impulses are thought to cause micro trauma to scar tissue and arthritic areas. As a result, it stimulates the body’s natural metabolic activity, creates a healthy inflammatory response, and stimulates healing.

The Piezowave machine assists the doctor to identify very specific area of injury and then delivers a series of impulses precisely where they are most effective. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort experienced in areas that are not injured.

In many instances there can be an immediate reduction of pain as well as improved mobility and function. Since it is non-invasive, there is no need for anesthesia. The most common minor side effect following treatment is soreness in the treated area that will normally dissipate in a short amount of time.

Who can benefit from Piezowave Therapy? PiezoWave Pain Treatment is a revolutionary pain-relieving therapy that offers a very effective alternative to injections and surgery for the following conditions:

* Lateral epicondylopathy of the elbows (tennis elbow)
* Calcifying tendinopathy of the shoulder
* Medical epicondylopathy of the elbow
* Myofascial syndrome / Trigger point treatment
* Pseudarthroses / Stress fractures
* Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
* Patellar tendinopathy
* Medical tibial stress syndrome
* Plantar fasciitis, with or without heel spur
* Achilles tendinopathy
* And much more….