Something strange and disturbing has started and progressively worsened since the onset of the Covid-19 PLandemic in January 2020.  You may think that I am talking about the lack of a work ethic by a large percentage of our population, and I would agree, although that is not what I find most disheartening.  Or, you might believe that I am talking about the complete and utter lack of acknowledgment by the majority of the population that we have been lied to by our Government, Modern Medicine, and the Scientific community for more than 3 years.  Although disconcerting, it is nothing new for those who are acutely aware of the Medical-Industrial Complex and its incestuous relationship with our Federal Government which has been worsening for decades.

Albeit disturbing, those are not what I’m concerned about.  I am concerned about the fact that a significant portion of our population has lost a grasp of what Common Decency really means.  As a “True Healthcare Provider” (I don’t provide sickness care like Allopathic medicine), I am appalled by the number of individuals who will schedule appointments with my staff and then lack the common decency to show up or call to cancel prior to their appointment.  Seems rather insignificant, but it demonstrates an incredible lack of respect for someone else’s time and effort.  If someone had the capability to call or go online to schedule an appointment, it should not be a Herculean task to pick up the phone or send an email to cancel.  Let’s call it Respect.  If it were only my practice experiencing this precipitous increase in disrespect, I might not have penned this article.  I have discovered that virtually all of my colleagues and many other businesses who have scheduled appointments suffer from the same issue.  Mechanics, HVAC repair, Real Estate Agents, Insurance salesmen, dog groomers, and hair stylists are a few of the professionals I have spoken to who are experiencing the same thing.  This trend is worsening, and as of yet, there is no end in sight.

Some would ask, so what’s the Big Deal?  The big deal is the fact that other people’s time is just as valuable as yours.  And, for many people who own small businesses, time is money.  I’m sure you have already noticed that numerous healthcare practitioners/business owners are requiring appointment deposits that will be kept if an appointment is not canceled in advance by 24 hours!  I know of a Dermatologist who has a $200 advance fee and a hairstylist who has a $50 advance that will be forfeited if the appointment is not canceled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  These fees are in place because of this Phenomena of Disrespect.

How do we solve this problem?  We do so with a return to civility and an understanding that if you or I are not going to show up for a scheduled appointment WITH ANYONE, we have the common decency to call or email well in advance to cancel our appointment out of respect for the other individual’s time and livelihood.  It’s as easy as that!!!!

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