As I sit here in a healthcare office in Southwestern Pennsylvania, I remind myself that our county (Allegheny) generates almost 50% of its income from Health care-related activities.  These include pharmacies, hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient centers, surgical centers, dental offices, optometry offices, podiatry offices, chiropractic offices, etc…  With all of this available “Health” care, one would assume that we have one of the healthiest populations in the world.  Unfortunately, such is not the case.

As a country, we spend more than twice as much on healthcare dollars per person as any other wealthy nation in the world.  Yet, we are literally dead last in morbidity/mortality (pun intended).

We have a trained tendency to associate technology and expense with therapeutic efficacy.   Such is not the case.  The Medical community has become incredibly adept at overtreating, overcharging, and overwhelming patients with the allopathic model of suppressing symptoms while doing next to nothing about the actual problem.

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