Whereas the Global Medical establishment will never acknowledge the fact, positive pressure ventilation was hastening the demise of Covid-19 patients during the early stages of the pandemic.  Once the US Medical paradigm decided on “something is better than nothing”, thousands of patients were treated with a protocol that was intuitively backward.  Covid-19 was not a problem of not having enough oxygen IN the lungs, it was a problem of not having enough oxygen TO the lungs.

The inflammatory cytokine storm that is the hallmark sign of Covid-19 depletes the amount of Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream and therefore allows for myospasm of the small blood vessels with resultant hypoxia (oxygen deprivation).  This ends up creating neurocognitive impairment and fatigue in the long term, thus Long Covid.

Traditional allopathic medicine has finally pulled itself away from the fanaticism of relentless Covid-19 vaccinations long enough to attempt somewhat logical treatments for reversing the damaging long-term effects of Covid-19.  Their first attempt at restoring US Medical credibility comes in the form of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy).  It is certainly a logical mechanism to increase the oxygen perfusion and saturation of tissue.

Alas, there is a caveat!!!!  HBOT is prohibitively expensive and relatively difficult to find for the average individual.  Exactly what medicine is looking for!!!

But wait, there is a much less expensive, equally effective, and substantially less cumbersome mechanism for increasing the oxygen perfusion of bodily tissue.  IT IS CALLED HIGH-FLOW OXYGEN THERAPY and we put patients on it every day.

We have used oxygen therapy to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes for more than 18 years.  We have ten O2 concentrators that deliver 5 liters per minute of 97% oxygen to our patients.  We have done this to reverse the inflammatory cascade for years with incredible success.  We also use a very effective supplement to reverse the effects of long Covid by reducing hypercoagulability and small blood vessel occlusion.

Call today and find out what you can do to reverse the effects of Long Covid!!!!  Hey, you can even become healthier!!!

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