Unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock, the last year has been an extraordinary display of medical/scientific hyperbole with regard to all things statistical.  The devil is in the details, and our bureaucratic leaders of the CDC, FDA, and NIH have become malignant masters of numerical manipulation.

Case in point.  Let’s take a look at the numbers for the Flu.  On the CDC’s website, they indicate a total of 243 positive lab specimens for 2020-2021.  Yes, that is right… 243 positive tests for the flu.  CDC mortality data shows that the flu was still categorized as the 10th leading cause of death in the US in 2020-2021.  The CDC indicates an 8% increase in flu deaths from 2019-2020 to 2020-2021.  The CDC reports 53,000 Americans allegedly died from the flu?  Are these numbers adding up to you?  243 positive tests, but 53,000 deaths?

Let’s consider Covid-19.  As of last week, the CDC changed its stats of “fatalities from Covid only” to 5% of total deaths.  And increased the average amount of comorbidities to 4!  To date, the CDC indicates that 582,000 have died from Covid-19.  If only 5% have died with Covid being the primary COD (cause of death), that means a total of 29,100 Covid deaths in 2020-2021.

So, 53,000 died from the flu and 29,100 died from Covid???  Do these statistics seem to make sense to you with what has gone on in our country?  Doesn’t make sense to me in any way, shape, or form!!!

Unfortunately, no one is allowed to question the infinite wisdom of the powers that be and if you have the audacity to do so, the cancel culture will certainly make you rue the day you were born.


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