It absolutely does!! Seniors have been enjoying Chiropractic coverage by Medicare since 1972, and have been reaping the benefits ever since.

What are the benefits, you may ask? Short answer, numerous! Everyone knows that chiropractic adjustments allow for better mobility, but what people don’t quite understand is that better mobility results in a decrease in pain because Motion Competes With Pain. This is the reason why you rub your shin when you bang it off of the coffee table and shake your thumb when you hit it with a hammer. By moving the tissue you decrease the pain signal to your brain!

Pain is transmitted by Nociceptors, small, unmyelinated C and A-delta fibers. However, the movement uses very large, myelinated A-alpha fibers. It is due to their large diameter and the fact that they are insulated that A-alpha fibers are able to mitigate pain.

By instilling movement and mobility in the joints of the spine we are able to increase your mobility globally. You will be able to walk further, rise from a chair easier and move with greater confidence and less pain.

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