While the root cause and origin of Peripheral Neuropathy are not completely understood, there are several underlying conditions that can lead to such a diagnosis, the most noteworthy being Diabetes, Chemotherapy, Vitamin Deficiency, Malnutrition, Prescription Drug Side Effects, and Alcohol Abuse. With these conditions in mind, what is the common denominator between them? The answer, each and every one of them has a demonstrably negative impact on the Capillaries (the smallest blood vessels), diminishing how efficiently they transfer vital Oxygen and Nutrients to the nerves and tissues. This condition, known as Hypoxia, is the reason for neuropathy patients losing sensation, with the skin eventually becoming necrotic and ultimately requiring the surgical removal of the affected tissue.

While neuropathy can affect any tissue, including organs, the feet and toes are the most common and first to come to mind. However, neuropathy is actually the leading cause of falls among seniors in the US.  According to the CDC, every year over 300,000 seniors are hospitalized for hip fractures and 95% of those were the result of falls. Even more alarming, the 1-year mortality rate for a broken hip is 1 in 3.

#1 cause of falls = Neuropathy

#1 cause of broken hip= Falls

Chances of dying from a broken hip within 1 year= 1 out of 3

Do your feet feel tingling or asleep?  Do they feel like you are walking on marshmallows or like your sock is bunched up under the ball of your foot? Do you experience excruciating pain or burning when you stand? Have already been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy or you would like to determine if you are in the early stages of it? We are here to help and our track record speaks for itself.

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